New milk chocolate with health benefits?


You may have heard that dark chocolate has great benefits-at least more benefits than milk chocolate. If you are like me and about 61% of the world, you would rather prefer the sweeter, milk chocolate and skip over the dark chocolate, which is packed full of rich nutrients. Recently, researchers have found out a way to add the same sort of nutrients in dark chocolate into milk chocolate-and here’s the best part-it still tastes the same!

Researchers actually came across this addition of nutrients by accident. They were trying to find a way to reuse peanut skins, which frequently end up in a landfill. (Most peanuts in the US are used to make peanut butter). The researchers were able to extract the antioxidants from the peanut skins and mixed it in with maltodextrin, which is made from starches like potatoes, wheats and more. However, since this is extracted from nuts, it is widely cautioned to not eat this chocolate if you have an allergy.

This is a great way to empty out landfills and for us milk-chocolate lovers to enjoy the sweet taste while absorbing the necessary antioxidants!



One thought on “New milk chocolate with health benefits?

  1. I was first in love with milk chocolate, then later (36 years 6 months and 14 days later exactly..) appreciate dark chocolate. I can still enjoy both, but I now find milk chocolate too sugar. I would desperately live only with eating chocolate and hope science can do something whatever the risks, I’m ready to jump into only to give my brain this delicious gift daily when feeling taste over biscuits or in a french “mousse au chocolat”. As Homer would say “MMmmmm Chocolate…” 😀

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