Fingerprints can leave clues about you on your phone

As we are in a new era of technology, we are surrounded by technology everywhere. Computer, Tablets, Phones-we are constantly overwhelmed by these devices.

Each time we touch our phones, the chemicals from our hands and fingers stick on the screen. By analyzing them carefully, forensic scientists may be able to find and track us down. These chemicals can be from anywhere; food, cosmetics, medicine, germs-anything.

A research team at the University of California, San Diego analyzed the phones of around 39 volunteers. They were able to figure out characteristics such as whether the person was likely female, enjoyed consuming spicy foods, used cosmetics, drunk coffee, and dyed his or her hair. These were only a few of the characteristics there were able to get from the phones.

Though police and forensic scientists use similar processes for illegal drugs and explosives, they haven’t yet thought of using devices. Maybe that’s a next step!



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