2017 Health and Wellness Must-Try Trends

As 2017 continues to progress, it is important to look forward and keep learning. From the past year, I have learned that health and self-care are the keys to a stable and happy life. These are some of the health and wellness trends that 2017 is loving right now.

1. Minimalism (Less is More)

In the past few years, minimalism has been a big trend. As people get busier, cluttered, and all over the place, they lean towards a more simple lifestyle. I, myself, have also set a goal for a more minimalistic lifestyle for 2017 but believe me it’s quite hard to follow Marie Kondo’s principles.

2. Wellness Weekend Retreats

These retreats, however long you want, are meant to destress and relax, mainly focusing on self-care and health.

3. More Vegetables!

Zucchini spaghetti-anyone? Food will be focused on primarily eating veggies. Cauliflower rice and edamame spaghetti are fun ways to incorporate vegetables into meals.


Vremi Spiralizer Vegetable Slicer $12.99


As each and every one of us goes through heartbreaking moments in our lives, it is very important that we are all kind to each other and to ourselves. Kindness affects everyone’s well being. Make someone’s day by smiling at them. Let your friends know that you are thankful for them.


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