5 Ways To A Happier and Healthier You

It’s easy to complain and find excuses in life. What good does that do to you? Life should be enjoyable and fun! Being happy is healthy and it can also make people around you happy as well. With these 10 quick and easy rituals to help you, every day is going to be so much better.

1. Turn Off Social Media

Social Media is addicting and can be both a source of positivity and negativity. Once in a while, take a break and don’t compare yourself to others with “wonderful” lives.

2. Do Something Nice

Acts of kindness are important. Whether it’s opening the door for someone or throwing a surprise birthday party for a friend, everyday acts of kindness can brighten up your and someone else’s day.

3. Exercise

I’ve really been into exercising recently. It releases any stress or tension in your mind and body. Go on a walk. Do a couple of crunches. Just do anything active that can improve your mental and physical mindset.

4. Sleep

Sleep is so important; the amount of sleep you have a night determines how we feel the next day. Getting at least 7~8 hours of adequate sleep is key to a healthy lifestyle.

5. Smile

Smiling can trigger your endorphins and make you feel more happy and confident. So show off that dazzling smile and turn that frown upside down 🙂



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