4 Healthy Late-Night Snacks

Do you ever get hungry before bed? I do. Making late-night snacks healthy is important since it can affect how you sleep and feel in the morning. These are a few ideas to help you satisfy those tummy rumbles.

Greek Yogurt

Craving for something sweet? Instead of ice cream, grab some greek yogurt. Greek Yogurt is full of healthy fats and lots of protein which is good for digestion. It is thick and creamy and ranges from no-fat to full-fat. Add some fruits and granola for a little sweetness! You can even make your own greek yogurt here.


If you aren’t too hungry, then nuts like almonds are a good idea. This nut is full of tryptophan and magnesium, a natural muscle relaxer. Top it on some greek yogurt or add it to a trail mix for an even better taste.


For a late night snack, it is always important to include complex carbs. Whole grain foods take longer to digest so that your body doesn’t crash during your sleep. I am currently loving almond butter with whole-grain bread. Yum!


For something quick and easy, eat some hot oatmeal or cereal. I love cereal and almond milk. Add some fruit and honey and that’s already a great snack to keep you full until the morning.







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