Pasta Is A Key Part Of A Healthy Diet

Most of us have heard that carbs like pasta are detrimental for a healthier lifestyle. Studies now show that this wonderful carbohydrate may have a place in a balanced and healthy diet.

According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), those who ate pasta had higher levels of iron, magnesium, vitamins and fiber. They also seemed to have lower intakes of saturated fat and added sugars. In addition, scientists in Italy surveyed 23,000 Italians and found that most had lower BMIs than those who were cutting carbs.

Diane Welland from the National Pasta Association states that “pasta can be an effective building block for good nutrition”.  This shows that nutritional grains like pasta are important to incorporate in a healthy diet. Maybe that no-carb diet wasn’t so good after all.

Scientists and nutritionists recommend following a Mediterranean diet. Though loaded with carbs, a Mediterranean diet is also filled with fresh vegetables and lean meats. People following this diet were more likely to have healthier BMIs and better fitness.

Have fun making pasta with these recipes!


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