Education in Nicaragua

This past week, I traveled to Nicaragua with my classmates to contribute to the education in Nicaragua. Nicaragua is a third world country and is one of the poorest in Central America. Listening to our guides and watching documentaries, what Nicaragua most needs is better education.

The Nicaraguan government spends less than 4% of their Gross Domestic Product in education. Each year, only 45% of Nicaraguan students move on to the next grade. Some of the reasons few students move on are long distances, loss of interest, or family issues. As a group, we talked and used 3 words to help really understand what we were doing in Nicaragua.

As a group, we talked and used 3 words (Access, Quality, Relevance) to really help understand what we were doing in Nicaragua.


By building schools and classrooms, the number of students who can learn increases which are better for the economy.


Having schools and classrooms does help, but the teachers need to have a proper education. Commonly the teachers in Nicaragua only have up to a high school education and are limited in what they can do.


Instead of learning about Greek and Roman history, it is more useful to learn about things that can help students start businesses.

I hope that everyone can understand that education is vital and it is imperative for us to provide the same opportunities for everyone all over the world. Learning around the globe affects all of us so let us put our hands together and work for a better education!



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