Teaching Kids in Nicaragua

Every day, after the 4 hours of shoveling, mixing, and wheelbarrowing, my classmates and I took a van to learning centers in poor communities around Nicaragua. These learning centers were also sponsored and built by Seeds of Learning and are used by children to play games, have fun, and learn.

On the first day, we taught crafts and games at the learning center in Villa Japon, a small community like El Jicarito. When we arrived, all the kids seemed so eager and happy to learn something new. While our guide, Casey, was explaining to the locals what we would be doing, I realized that I didn’t have any real plan in mind. I couldn’t let the kids eagerness down

Quickly, my brain had come up with the Samurai Hat origami design, one I had taught at my local library a few years before. As the kids came over to my table, I let them chose their colors and taught each of them step by step how to make the origami hats. Though it was something so simple, all of them finished until the end without leaving the table.

This was just one example of gratefulness displayed by the kids in Nicaragua. They had huge smiles and laughter on their faces. This would have been a totally different experience if I was teaching where I live. Since the United States is such a developed country, we all take things that many people in the world have for granted.


The ebullience of the children in Nicaragua was so heartwarming. Whether it was playing tickle tag or teaching them how to say words in English, they gave me something I had never felt before.



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