Tea Forte Haul Review

I am a huge fan of tea. During the holidays, I, not surprisingly, received something tea-related. Tea Forte is a tea brand that sells unique but also useful teaware and diverse flavors of tea collections.

The Tea Forte KATI steeping cup uses a double wall construction to keep the tea hot on the inside but still portable on the outside.

Along with the tea cup, I received the Single Steeps Herbal Tea Chest and the Classic Tea Chest, which both include 28 sample loose leaf teas. Picking and trying new diverse flavors is really fun, because you really don’t know what to expect.  From each sampler, my favorites were probably the Lemon Lavender and the Jasmine Green.


It’s also very convenient because each tea packet in the “chest” is already exactly portioned for 12 oz of tea, so you don’t have to guess. The teas are mixed from classics like Winter Chai to specialties like Kiwi Lime Ginger.

There are innumerable benefits of tea, such as detoxing and better cognition. Depending on the type of tea, it also includes different antioxidants that may help protect the immune system. Tea Forte is great for beginners to tea addicts like me. Make sure to give the Tea Forte Collection a try!

2018-02-04 10.24.40.jpg

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