3 Hacks To Make A Killer First Impression

What happens when we first meet someone? According to Captivate, a book by human behavior investigator Vanessa Van Edwards, our minds decide whether someone is a friend or a foe, a winner or a loser, or an ally or an enemy in a matter of seconds.


Edwards says first impressions are a survival mechanism. In the first few seconds of meeting someone, we quickly have to decide what to do with them. Since first impressions can determine what people think of us, it is imperative to make them better. Here are a few hacks from Captivate that will make interacting with people much easier!

1. Make Eye Contact

According to British social psychologist Dr.Michael Argyle, people hold eye contact  61 percent of the time (41 percent while talking and 75 percent while listening) during a normal conversation. Eye contact is important because it produces oxytocin in the brain, which is the neurotransmitter that builds connections and trust.

2. Use Your Hands

Natural gestures during a conversation show intention. Showing and using your hands make people feel more at ease. This also makes it more accessible to give a handshake. The perfect handshake, Edwards says, is firm, dry (not sweaty), and vertical with your thumb toward the sky.

3. Power Pose

Having a lot of confidence is key to your skill set. People like having winners on their team. Typically, winners try to take as much physical space as possible. Some tips are to keep your shoulders down and open and keep space between your arms and torso.



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