Twitter Headquarters Field Trip

Finally a bright sunny day in San Francisco, the Society of Women’s Engineering club at my school went on a field trip to the Twitter Headquarters, located in Silicon Valley.


As you enter Twitter, an open space filled with tables and chairs introduces you to the company. A huge blue 3D Twitter logo and a pulsing heart pixel stand out in the back of the room. Though it may seem small from the outside, the workspace is huge, with over 1,800 employees just in San Francisco.

We were given a quick tour of Twitter by welcoming employees from all sorts of fields, like software engineering and finance.

A screen showing live data on the most popular tweets. This idea came from HackWeek, a week where twitter employees work on whatever projects they want.

After the tour, a couple of female Twitter employees gave us a presentation on jobs in the technology field. When most people hear jobs in “technology”, they immediately jump to people who code all day or software engineers. In reality, there are 4 main jobs: product manager, designers, software engineers, and data scientists. Product managers plan out what needs to happen, designers design logos and code on the front-end, software engineers code on the back end with more logic, and data scientists map out the data on usage of the product.

The field trip showed us that though there is still a huge disadvantage of being a woman in a strongly male-dominated field, Twitter and other companies in the Silicon Valley are trying to change that, hiring more women engineers to serve as role models for the younger generations.

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